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supporting those watching cancer

cancer from the outside
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watching_cancer is a community for those who do not have cancer themselves, but have either a friend, family member, teacher, collegue, or someone else related to them who is struggling from cancer.

I created this community because I feel that it is important for those who have a loved one struggling from cancer to be supported as well. Because cancer is a horribly scary illness that can frighten off anyone However, please do not hesitate to post or join this community if you don't happen to know someone struggling with cancer This is a very open community. You can post or join if you have cancer, if you are a doctor and work with cancer, if you are interested in cancer, or anything else. There are no qualifications ;-).

The only rules I would like to enforce is to please only post information or facts about a certain disease if you are positive about the truth of these facts.


And please please feel free to e mail me at paleyellowpalepink@yahoo.com or IM me at summerdreamin289