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supporting those watching cancer

15th October, 2010. 12:46 pm.(solnce_avgysta)

Появилось новое сообщество, посвященное причинам рака pobedi_rak . Смотритель сообщества - психолог, которая сама победила рак и помогает справиться с ним другим людям. В сообществе будет информация о причинах рака, способах самопомощи, истории из жизни и тому подобные вещи. В нем можно обсудить свои проблемы, поделиться информацией, задать вопросы и получить консультации.
Добро пожаловать!

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24th January, 2010. 3:24 am. Просьба(summa_oncologia)

Пользователи ЖЖ, и просто неравнодушные люди.
Посмотрите, пожалуйста, эти странички. Если можете, помогите Оленьке.

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27th October, 2009. 2:15 am. Объявление(summa_oncologia)



В интернете открылся новый онкологический форум.

Он посвящен МР и КТ диагностике, ультразвуковой хирургии и другим вопросам онкологии.


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9th September, 2009. 5:00 am. non-invasive technology for bone mets treatment(summa_oncologia)

An FDA-approved clinical trial is being conducted to test whether a non-invasive technology safely and effectively reduces pain from bone metastases. This outpatient procedure destroys the pain-causing nerves in the bone surface surrounding the tumor to relieve pain.

This non-invasive technology is called Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS), and is being used on an ExAblate system.





MRI-guided FUS: history, present & future

Ferenc Jolesz, M.D.

Director, National Center for Image Guided Therapy

Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Boston, USA

The application of acoustic energy for tumor treatment is not a new idea. More than a half century ago, focused ultrasound (FUS) was already considered viable as a ―surgical technique for treating deeply embedded soft tissue tumors non-invasively. Despite this early recognition of its potential, FUS has not been widely accepted as a real alternative to invasive surgery. The reason is not the limitation of focused ultrasound technology but the inadequacy of image-guidance and the control of energy deposition. We strongly believe that the integration of FUS with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) represents a major step towards a non-invasive image-guided therapy substitute that can replace most of the existing tumor surgery methods. MRI guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) that has been developed during the last decade provides accurate targeting of focused sound waves that can be directed to destroy tumor tissue within MRI detected tumor margins. MRI not only provides tumor localization with high sensitivity but also monitors temperature distribution in /real time/, effectively generating ―temperature maps of the targeted surgical field/ /during treatment. In turn, FUS delivers thermal energy at safe, therapeutically effective doses /without/ damaging collateral normal tissue. The integration of MRI and FUS creates an image-guided therapy delivery system with which /real time/, image-controlled, non-invasive soft tissue coagulation is feasible; and from which a wide range of clinical applications may ultimately benefit.

Although MRgFUS technology is still in its infancy, this revolutionary disruptive imaging technology has already been established as a viable, non-invasive treatment for uterine fibroids, breast carcinomas, certain brain malignancies, and for palliative treatment of bone tumors. With additional research, we will no doubt develop MRgFUS applications for CNS and vascular diseases, targeted drug delivery, gene therapy, and more. The integration of MRI and Focused Ultrasound Surgery (FUS) has resulted in/ real time/, image-controlled, closed loop-feedback based, non-invasive therapy delivery systems. Moreover, MRI has the ability to control tissue heating and the deposition of thermal dose. This feature significantly improves the safety and efficacy of FUS in the treatment of tumors. The major advantage of MRI-guidance over other imaging modalities is its ability to achieve accurate targeting while avoiding thermal injury of normal tissues. Over the next decade, MRgFUS will almost certainly replace several invasive open surgeries and will likely supplant minimally invasive approaches as the preferred treatment approach.





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25th August, 2009. 5:51 pm. If you suffer pain caused by cancer that has spread to the bones...(summa_oncologia)





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8th June, 2009. 9:53 pm. Please welcome tyler to LJ!(tylertucker)

Hey everyone Tyler's is new to LJ please show your support! Feel free to visit his website at tylertucker.com

Born: October 9, 2000 in Greenville, South Carolina
Treatment locations: MUSC and Baltimore, Maryland.
Total Surgeries: 37
Tyler Updates, pictures, and chatting at TYLERTUCKER.COM

Tyler's Story:
The beginning: When the family found out the horrible news…

At Christmas, just after Tyler turned two, he fell on a small toy car and scratched his jaw. The jaw swelled and by New Years Day we had to take him to the hospital. The hospital staff said that Tyler needed surgery to remove a cyst. Dr. Wilson did the surgery and came out with tears in his eyes. He said that the problem was not a cyst, but cancer and that he sent a portion of the extracted material to the lab to have it analyzed. The results came back as Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Mandible. When the results arrived, January 30, we were called to his office and he cried with us. Tyler was admitted to MUSC Hospital in Charleston, SC immediately. We felt this couldn’t be happening to our baby; not Tyler. The staff at MUSC has been wonderful and have become like family. We learned to love everyone there. Tyler has stolen the heart of everyone on Floor 7b.

Tyler was having trouble breathing because of his jaw, so the Doctor’s decided a tracheotomy was needed. At the same time, Tyler’s jaw fell so the medical staff had to wire the jaw shut. After that, he couldn’t keep feeding tubes in, forcing them to replace the tube six times.

After radiation and chemo, Tyler underwent surgery again where they took fibia bone from Tyler’s leg and transplanted it into the jaw to replace tissue that had been removed because of the cancer. Shortly thereafter, it was diagnosed that the cancer had moved to both of Tyler’s lungs. Doctors removed the upper portion of Tyler’s right lung and the chemo seemed to clear up the left lung. As a result of this surgery a chest tube was inserted. Tyler was so strong that he went walking down the hall with that chest tube still in! Dr. York said she wants a picture of Tyler to go over her desk. She said that he was the strongest kid that she had ever seen and that he was her miracle baby.

Tyler’s illness has been very hard on our family. Ashley, Tyler’s mom, is only in her twenties and is unable to hold down a job and still care for Tyler. He requires long trips to doctor’s appointments and special care. Tyler also has two young brothers that Ashley must care for. But God has been with our family and we believe he will carry us the rest of the way. Tyler had four staff infections while he was in the hospital, which encompassed most of 2003. We took a camper and stayed in it at Lake Air Campground so we could be near Tyler and Ashley through their ordeal.

Tyler has great difficulty talking because moving his jaw is very painful. He can barely eat and weighs on 57 pounds at eight years old. For a long time, Tyler had a feeding tube because he could not eat. After two unsuccessful jaw reconstruction surgeries, Tyler is now facing a titanium jaw replacement. This will be his 37th surgery over 6 years and there will be more as he grows.

Tyler loves playing with his papa George and he loves holding on to Mama and playing with her hair, but when he wants his way, he runs to Nanny, who cannot help but give him what he wants. Tyler is very close to his Nanny Darlene.

Tyler has been through things that most adults couldn’t survive..


Tyler is now in remission. This doesn’t mean he is cured or better in anyway. How we wish the cancer the end of his ordeal, but there is so much more Tyler has to go through..

Tyler will need to be brought three hours each way to MUSC Hospital for follow up appoints all of his life. According to his doctors, he will never be 100% better. He is missing half of a lung and has had both of his legs broken to get bone for his jaw. It is devastating that he must endure more pain to take the next step and install the titanium jaw.

Tyler tends to get sick often because his body is so weak from the chemotherapy. It breaks our hearts that he cannot do the things that normal kids take for granted. Right now, Tyler is home-bound, so he is not even able to enjoy school. Without many kids in his neighborhood, Tyler gets lonely for other children.

Sadly, Tyler may never be able to eat properly. We pray that the surgery on his jaw will give him some form of normalcy. He will never have the kind of childhood many of us enjoyed and he may never be able to have children of his own some day because of the chemotherapy.

Tyler’s cancer is uncommon. We only came across five or six other children with the same cancer in our web research. Sadly, many of those children did not make it. Others had the cancer return. Tyler has beaten the odds at every turn. The doctors never believed he would make it. We feel so lucky and blessed to have Tyler still with us and we believe he will make it!!!!!!

The chance of Tyler’s cancer coming back is very high, but we believe he will beat it. It is the care and support of people from all over the world that gives us faith. We have hope, and we know Tyler is a warrior!

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27th April, 2009. 3:40 pm. Relationships Post-diagnosis(fragmentedream)

Hello! My name is Patricia Metzger and I am a graduate student studying clinical psychology. Like you, I have been faced my own cancer diagnosis, along with having supported several family members and friends diagnosed with a wide range of cancers and other life-threatening diseases. These experiences have forever touched my life and have inspired me to attempt to better understand the experiences of those facing cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

I am currently conducting a study examining interpersonal relationships and communication amongst those facing cancer or another life threatening disease. I hope to gain a greater understanding of cancer's impact on relationships, the role of communication following a diagnosis, and it's role in psychological health and relationship development.

I am currently seeking participants in a study of relationships after one partner has received a diagnosis of cancer. Any person who is part of a serious, long term relationship (e.g., married, partnered, engaged, etc.) and has either received such a diagnosis, or has a spouse/partner with a diagnosis, is invited to participate. Both halves of the couple are asked to complete the survey; if both persons complete it, they will receive $25 compensaion. Alternatively, these funds can be donated to a charitable organization of your choice, such as the American Cancer Society, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Susan G. Komen Foundation, or any other organization of your choosing.

You and your spouse are invited to participate in a brief study lasting no more than 20 minutes - most persons complete the survey in just 10-15 minutes. It will ask you about your experiences following diagnosis with cancer. Only persons who are part of a long-term relationship should complete the survey; we also ask you to refer your spouse/partner to also complete the questionnaire. All responses are confidential and anonymous; no identifying information will be collected. Responses will be used only in aggregate form, so that no one can identify your responses.

The web address for the study is:


In exchange for completion, $25 compensation will be offered to couples where both persons complete the study. Funds are only available if BOTH partners complete the survey. You are asked, following your completion, to ask your spouse/partner to also complete the study. You should simply refer them to the same web address noted above. Available funds can be mailed to you, or donated to a charity of your choice. If you choose to have funds mailed to you, contact information will be stored separately from your survey responses.

To refer your spouse/partner and receive compensation, you should direct your spouse/partner to this same survey link (https://survey.uwyo.edu/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=l4LK8pl6). Completion by both you and your spouse/partner will better help us understand relational issues resulting from diagnosis and will help us to develop interventions, treatments, and therapies that will facilitate coping with this difficult life event.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at the following email address: metzger@uwyo.edu.

Thank you very much for your assistance on this project! Completion will help us better address the needs of those facing cancer and other serious illnesses so as to minimize the stressors at this time. If interested, please contact me via email (metzger@uwyo.edu) for the results of the study.

Again, you can access this brief study at:



Patricia L. Metzger, M.S.
University of Wyoming
Department of Psychology

NOTE: Please encourage your partner to take this! It's a small amount of time and is a huge help in the long-term goal of developing interventions for those facing this horrible illness - understanding BOTH sides of the story takes this someplace research hasn't gone. THANKS for your help!!

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19th March, 2009. 2:50 pm. Emotional after effects of losing someone to Cancer(boodee)

Hi everyone,

I recently lost my dad to kidney cancer.  I moved from Canada to England in the summer, and when I came to visit at Christmas, was told his cancer was terminal.  I stayed in the country to help care for him full-time in his last days, along with my mom, brother and sister.  I'm happy to say he didn't have to go back into the hospital - he stayed and died at home with us.

After watching him die, I find myself suffering from hypochondria.  Everytime I read about someone having cancer, I find myself googling for symptoms etc and convincing myself that I'm next!  Has anyone else experienced this??

I'm heading back to England next week and will see a doctor about councelling, screening, etc,  Just wanted to know if anyone else has found themselves in the same situation!

Thoughts are with all of you watching cancer.... it's the worst feeling in the world, aside from being the patient yourself.

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9th February, 2009. 6:24 pm. A query(poetanarchy)

I'm wanting to use one of my talents to raise money to donate to breast cancer research. However, I have a question to see what option people would be more interested. I crochet and I'm wanting to make pink and white afghans for the cause.

Option 1: Sell the afghans at a flat rate, can be pre-ordered (with down payment) for a lower price and customized for a small fee

Option 2: Have three auctions (at a time), and let people bid and then the winners get to chose from the different afghan dimensions and have the option to customize the blanket within reason.

The proceeds would be split 50%/50% on the first option because I would have to cover the materials and this is currently my only source of income (my crocheting). The second option I would keep enough to cover the cost of materials and a small labor amount but a larger percentage would go to the donation as I think that they could bring in more money that way.

I'm just not sure if anyone would be willing to bid.

Afghans are expensive to make and not an easy task. The lowest I could sell them for and have any money to donate would be $60 and that barely covers materials.

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15th October, 2008. 3:22 pm. Help find a cure(meowmixness)

Hi, my name is Hannah and I'm collecting money for the leukemia and lymphoma society's light the night walk. Last year my best friend died of leukemia (AML) at the age of 18. The walk is this Saturday in Frederick, Maryland. Donations of any amount are much appreciated. Please consider helping me make a difference.

Here's a link to the donation page.


Thank you,



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