Danielle (boodee) wrote in watching_cancer,

Emotional after effects of losing someone to Cancer

Hi everyone,

I recently lost my dad to kidney cancer.  I moved from Canada to England in the summer, and when I came to visit at Christmas, was told his cancer was terminal.  I stayed in the country to help care for him full-time in his last days, along with my mom, brother and sister.  I'm happy to say he didn't have to go back into the hospital - he stayed and died at home with us.

After watching him die, I find myself suffering from hypochondria.  Everytime I read about someone having cancer, I find myself googling for symptoms etc and convincing myself that I'm next!  Has anyone else experienced this??

I'm heading back to England next week and will see a doctor about councelling, screening, etc,  Just wanted to know if anyone else has found themselves in the same situation!

Thoughts are with all of you watching cancer.... it's the worst feeling in the world, aside from being the patient yourself.
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