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the kitty kitty cat -rawr-

A query

I'm wanting to use one of my talents to raise money to donate to breast cancer research. However, I have a question to see what option people would be more interested. I crochet and I'm wanting to make pink and white afghans for the cause.

Option 1: Sell the afghans at a flat rate, can be pre-ordered (with down payment) for a lower price and customized for a small fee

Option 2: Have three auctions (at a time), and let people bid and then the winners get to chose from the different afghan dimensions and have the option to customize the blanket within reason.

The proceeds would be split 50%/50% on the first option because I would have to cover the materials and this is currently my only source of income (my crocheting). The second option I would keep enough to cover the cost of materials and a small labor amount but a larger percentage would go to the donation as I think that they could bring in more money that way.

I'm just not sure if anyone would be willing to bid.

Afghans are expensive to make and not an easy task. The lowest I could sell them for and have any money to donate would be $60 and that barely covers materials.
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